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    Site Rules(Read please)


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    Site Rules(Read please) Empty Site Rules(Read please)

    Post  Allen_Walker on Mon Aug 03, 2009 9:58 am

    Read every one of these there will be no exceptions for anyone. You get two warnings the third time you face the punishment

    1. No spamming allowed. Do not just post your site up and leave mine or I'll do the same to yours.

    2. No harassing others. There is zero tolerance for this. So respect others if there's an issue ask a mod to help out.

    3. Keep the swearing down. Yes this is a PG 13 rated site. We might have kids here.

    4. No porn hentai or anything of sort on this site at all.

    5. Do not one line. It's stupid and we all been through high school or are in it still. We aren't kids so don't write like a child.

    6. Do not double post it's rude, it's annoying, it's being impatient to your posting buddy or buddies.

    7. Lastly do not god mod. It's not tolerated

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