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    Kaiyo Saiyouko Empty Kaiyo Saiyouko

    Post  kaiyo on Tue Aug 04, 2009 12:31 am

    Name: Kaiyo Saiyouko

    84 (looks 16)

    4"9, 130lbs


    Hair/Eye Color:
    blonde hair blue eyes

    Kaiyo is in general quite friendly and nice to others; she follows her moral code to the letter and has a clear sense of right and wrong. While being a polite friendly girl she often finds herself in bad situations at the fault of her inability to stop speaking her mind. While always having a smile on her face Kaiyo does have a short temper and has a habit of arguing back a lot. Her child like mentality stops upon entry to a fight as she has a fierce sense of battle and is a worthy opponent to most. Another attribute of Kaiyo's is her inability to let anyone innocent be hurt, although this usually only increases the girl's desire for combat.

    Real world-
    Kaiyo's family consisted of Kaiyo, her older sister and her mother and father. Kaiyo's father was a lawyer for a large fim and was usually away on business, the girl's mother was a policewoman, and installed a firm sense of right and wrong in the girl. Kaiyo's older sister Saroki used to attend the same school as the girl, before kaiyo was expelled for fighting with other students. Despite the blonde girl's arguments and protests about not ever starting the fights she was expelled. With both parents working most of the day Kaiyo was left at home with a personal tutor, a wench of a woman who was constantly rude to small girl and set her copious amounts of work. Kaiyo's sister, Saroki, was 4 years older than her and was a smart girl who excelled in every academic subject possible.

    One specific night Kaiyo had been out at a party with some friends, the girl had left early to get the bus back home. While waiting at the bus stop she heard a woman scream from down the road, she heard the cry for help and ran towards the noise, a woman was being mugged by two men; Kaiyo managed to get both men off the woman, only to receive several fatabl stab wounds from one of the men. The woman was beaten within an inch of her life and the muggers escaped the scene and were never caught; Kaiyo died.

    Soul Society-
    Kaiyo didn't remember how she got to Sereiti; she just remembered waking up very hungry. Fortunately for Kaiyo she found herself in one of the wealthier districts, she was given a job at a local bar, waiting tables and cleaning. It didn't take long for Kaiyo to hear the amazing tales of Shinigami, and their heroic deeds that were simply a day-to-day occurrence. While Kaiyo had never been a girl who adored such glory, the idea of helping others appealed to her. She asked around about becoming a Shinigami and, when possible, would stop and ask patrolling Shinigami in the area.

    The girl didn't have such an easy ride in the academy, with a natural flair for sword fighting the girl always seemed to fall behind in her Kidou classes. Being put into the 1st class was a well known priveledge, and was tediously held onto by the blonde girl. Kaiyo made various friends during her time in the academy and while her fighting skill and speed increased steadily the girl simply decided she would focus harder on her strengths instead of aimlessly trying a skill that she had no talent in. Eventually Kaiyo graduated the academy, one of the top in her class the girl could happily call herself a Shinigami. Kaiyo was quickly drafted to the 11th, as their new acting captain



    Tenrai Zenpyou

    Type: comabt

    Element: lightning

    The zanpaktou's physical shape stays the same aside from the small reduction in the blade size, to 30", making the zanpaktou easier to move around. Along the blade ridge the sword has a bright yellow glow that eluminates the sword. Two ribbons extend from the blade hilt, red and yellow.

    Release Phrase:
    light the sky, Tenrai Zenpyou

    Kaiyo's Shikai works by the lightning that forms along her blade discharging into what it touches, electructing something when it is striked. The lightning mixes with Kaiyo's spiritual energy as well, and is able to pass down her opponents blade. When releasing her Shikai Kaiyo's senses are heightened by the electrical currents that flow through her body from her Zanpaktou.


    release phrase:
    'Blinding Illumination, Tenrai Zenpyou'

    Description of Bankai:
    Kaiyo's Bankai involves her initial Zanpaktou transforming into two swords; both of opposites. The first sword has a black chain attached to the hilt of the blade, the handle itself was red and yellow and the blade white. The second sword has a white chain attached to the hilt of the blade, the handle yellow with red and the blade itself black. After releasing her Bankai and fighting for a while the lightning bolts etched onto the blades of each sword erput into actual lightning that circulates each blade. Kaiyo's Bankai increases the girl's fighting skill and speed; drastically improved speed. With heightened senses Kaiyo's Bankai focuses on the her close combat fighting skill and as a replacement for Kidou it fires long distance attacks as well. Whilst fightning when Kaiyo's blade repeatedly clash into another blade the electric current can often be passed along to the opponents blade, but Kaiyo has no control over this attack and doesn't know how to make it happen.

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