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    Ishimai (Aiko) Mushitai

    Captain Ishimai Aiko
    Captain Ishimai Aiko

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    Ishimai (Aiko) Mushitai Empty Ishimai (Aiko) Mushitai

    Post  Captain Ishimai Aiko on Wed Aug 05, 2009 1:06 am

    [Still In The Works]


    Name: Ishimai Aiko Mushitai
    Age: N/A
    Height/Weight: 5'8"/105 lbs
    Race: Vizard
    Picture: Ishimai (Aiko) Mushitai S-girl10
    Personality: Ishimai is an easy-going person. She is often known to brood about things, and not let anyone else know. Whenever she fights, she get serious and strangely devoid of any human emotion.
    History: Ishimai used to be the Captain of the Gotei squad that Byakuya Kuchiki now leads. She and her entire squad had been called out on an assignment in the human world. She divided her squad into two-man teams and then realized that Byakuya was nowhere to be seen. She found him fighting the Hollow that they were looking for. She got in the way as the Hollow went to deal a death blow, and received the full force of it. Instead of just simply dying, her spirit disappeared. Many years later, she awakens to find herself reincarnated into a human body. This happens right after the Arrancar started to appear. She slowly regains her power. She desides then, at that moment, to find Ichigo and the others and help them against the Arrancar and Aizen.
    Division: -----
    Seat: -----

    Name: Ryunomi
    Type: Kidou
    Element: Ice
    Appearance: Ryunomi looks like any ordinary japanese sword, but the blade only has a width of one-inch. An icy-blue streak runs down the middle of the blade on both sides, getting lighter or darker depending on how much energy she is currently using.
    Release Phrase: Raise the Unlimited Power of the Ice King Ryunomi!

    Shikai: The hilt of her sword turns into the shape of an ice dragon and her mask appears on her face. When using her shikai, her powers pull in the mosture out of the air and turns it into a long ice chain which grabs onto the enemy and holds them still while she comes in, slashing at the enemy.


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