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    Name: Lao-Lee

    Age: over 2,000 years old.

    Height/Weight: 6 ft, 200 lbs

    Race: Soul

    Hair/Eye Color: Brown

    Personality: Kind, determined, observant, stronge willed and easy going.

    History: Lao-Lee is the friend of the Shiba clan. He grew up and hanged out with a lot of the Shiba when he was young but lived else where. After he joined the Academy he gradually became a powerful warrior along his own class. Now he is one of the most powerful seated officers in Soul Society.

    Division: 10th

    Seat: 3rd

    Name: Hairoookami (Grey Wolf)

    Type: Power Kidou

    Element: Wind

    Zanpaktou Spirit: A very Big Wolf that has grey, white and black highlights in its fur

    Zanpkatou Realm: A plain mixed with meadows and forests with the sun and moon are always out.

    Release Phrase: "Bare your fangs."

    Shikai: In this form it becomes double edged with a short grey ribbon on the hilt. Although light and flexible each swing has razor sharp wind that even if he misses it will cut whatever the wind touched.

    Bankai: Garyuu Hairoookami (Dragon Fang Grey Wolf)
    Lao-Lee holds his zanpaktou back like he is going to draw it out again as wind comes around him as he says Bankai. The sword becomes a Masamune and he gets a fur coat around his arms and that represnets the spirit of Hairroookami. In this mode the slightest swing he does like like a typhoon, he is able to create tronados and extreme gusts of wind that can cut anything to shreads. Around the sword is an invisible layer of wind that acts like a barrier when the sword collides with anything.

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    Lao's Characters Empty Lao's Characters

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    Name: Kian Shiba (Yotoro Aizen)

    Age: over 1000 years old

    Height/Weight: 5 ft. 111lbs

    Race: Spirit

    Hair/Eye Color: Brown (eyes sometimes glow yellow)

    Personality: Kind yet shy. Very smart in battle and very proper when he speaks, has a fear of ‘gifted’ (large chest) women and tends to become embarrassed and/or afraid.

    History: Found by Yoruichi he grew up with Yoruichi and Kisuke since he was a baby in the living world. After a few years they came to realize that Kian wasn't a physical baby in the living world but a spirit. After his reiatsu started to show Yoruichi took him to Soul Society and there he was adopted by the Shiba family. Since then Kian grew up with them. After a few years he then went to the academy being another shiba to become a shinigami. But since his years in Soul Society Kian has groan up with an evil shadow living within him.

    Name: Tsuin Kurohime

    Type: Kidou

    Element: Darkness

    Zanpaktou Spirit: Twin Spirits. First looks like a ninja with her face covered. Only her eyes can be seen and wears a grey scarf. The Second wears and dark silk gown with dark jewels around her arms and legs. Her face is also covered with a silk garment.

    Zanpaktou Realm: Like Midnight in the dessert with starlight skies and a Crescent Moon. The hills and ground look to be sand but actually it is water. Every time Kian takes a step ripples from but no splash sound is made.

    Release Phrase: Dance in the Moonlight

    Shikai: Standing in the Shinken Stance (The sword that Believes) the sword then splits into 2 short swords. The blades are rounded around the handles to add more defensive attributes and also can go from back handed to frontal slashes easier.

    Bankai: Tsuin Kinme Kurohime (Twin Golden Cat Eye Darkness Princess). Kian stands in the ready stance of Karate holding the duel swords in reverse style as he yells bankai. He is then consumed in dark blue, almost black, reiatsu. Once the reiatsu fades Kian has on gauntlets on his arms and legs but with blades forged onto them with golden cat eyes placed on the blades. The ones on his arms are the largest and are up to his shoulders. His legs are short mostly used for kidou attacks.

    Hollow Mask: Much like Vega’s from Street Fighter. Only difference is the eyes look more for that of a cat and have small cat eyes slicked back. Painted on the mask are whiskers and narrowed eyebrows.

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