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    Zentyu's characters.


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    Zentyu's characters. Empty Zentyu's characters.

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    Zentyu's characters. 0810
    Name: Zentyu Sitra
    Age: to the eye's looks about 18 but is actually around 99
    Height/Weight: 5"11/190LB
    Personality:Soft spoken, and friendly once you get to know him. Is quite secretive, and very seldom finds it necessary to open up.Though he is very inquisitive, and is rarely to intimidated to ask a question pertaining to something that has caught his interest.
    History: Being an only child, he spent most of his time reading, and researching. He learned Kido's rather easily, and those that didn't come natural he worked extra hard on. He didn't really look up to those around him, and in all of his years had never really reached out to others to look for friends. He was always trying to study different races, and powers. At times he would lose himself in his research.
    Division: 12th
    Seat: 5th

    Name: Dorahshi
    Type: Melee/Kido
    Element: lightning
    Release Phrase: "The heavens divine light spark Dorahshi!"

    Shikai:Zentyu's characters. SwordIn it's Shikai state as it moves a trail of lightning appears from the tip following the swings of the blade. If stabbed into the ground can create a small lightning barrier that will last for five minutes at a time or with the same motion can cause lightning to strike upward from the ground like geysers. If slashed it can produce a quick powerful bolt of electricity.

    Bankai:Zentyu's characters. Sword_640x480In it's Bankai state Dorahshi summons storm clouds lightning surrounds the blade. It can send the lightning from the blade as well as direct it directly from the clouds. Any part of the body hit with the blade becomes numb and negatively charged to attract positive lightning. And due to the blades special properties he can create a thin lightning field around his body without being hurt this adds a bit more speed to his flash step while at the same time leaving a trail of lightning behind him. And by depolorizing the ions in his body he is able to float, and levitate above the ground if need be. The swords true intent is not to kill though it’s very possible, but it’s to capture. If stabbed, and or sliced with the blade five times. He interrupt the electrical brain impulses slowing a persons reaction speeds, and confusing muscles making them spasm uncontrollably for no reason, and if hit ten times he can control the lightning inside the individual controlling there muscles, and in extreme cases there mind.

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