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    Name: Miyuki Fabre

    Age: N/A

    Height/Weight: 5’11’’/118 Lbs

    Race: Shinigami

    Hair/Eye Color: Long, sea-foam blue hair, which is wavy and reaches down to her shoulders at full length. Her eyes have a greenish-hue, but are somewhat dull unless seen under a dim, white light (such as starlight/moonlight)

    Personality: Maintains a split personality. Varies between a gentle, euphoric mood to one that is more grave and profound.

    History: Member of the Fabre Family Household and is the younger sister of 13th
    Division-4th Seat member Luke Fabre.

    Division: Seven

    Seat: Third Seat


    Name: Izayoi (meaning ‘Sixteenth Day Old Moon’)

    Type: Kido

    Element: Light

    Appearance: Resembles a wakizashi with a platinum hilt and a sheath embroidered
    with adamant crystals.

    Release Phrase: “Shimmer under the Frozen Moon!”

    Shikai: In shikai-form, the sword takes the form of a crystal gauntlet, enforced with a platinum guard and a sapphire sphere at the focal point. It is connected to a semi-circular blade, which protrudes from the user’s wrist like a cone. The blade is entirely made up of a crystalline metal. Any substance that comes into contact with the blade will begin to crystallize at the user’s discretion. The crystallized object can continue to expand and split into further crystals as long as the blade is still in contact with the crystal (this effect remains true even if the actual object is far from the blade). The crystals formed resemble a glass-like substance and the density of each crystal is dependent on the object from which it was formed. The blade can be used to form spires, projectiles, or a crystalline dust. Crystallized objects will shatter when the user wills it or if they suffer major impact. Objects that are outside of the user’s field of vision will not be affected if they are not within a close proximity.

    Bankai: Name is TBA.
    When bankai is released, the sapphire sphere in the sword’s gauntlet attachment separates and rises into the air. It then expands and crystallizes to form a giant, crystal pyramid. The prism is able to absorb and refract light into intense energy beams or wide-ranged flashes that can temporarily blind or distract the enemy. The crystal can remain mobile and alter its shape without being in contact with the user. The intensity of the energy discharged from the prism is directly proportional to the light that it is able to absorb.

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