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    Quincy Among The Ranks Empty Quincy Among The Ranks

    Post  Kofa-Chan on Fri Aug 21, 2009 7:02 am

    Quincy Among The Ranks Ash2

    Normally this wouldn't be a sight people would see often. Especially since not many knew who and what she was. The only people who knew who she was, was her Captain and the Captain-Commander, and those who she was teamed up with in the Onmitsukido. She was a quincy among the shinigami ranks. She wore their atire, most of the time anyway when she was in Soul Society. When she went to the living world she wore a school uniform. Her name was Ash Ishida, but her fake name as a shinigami was Ash Tsukumi. It was just to hide the fact that she was a Quincy.

    She stepped out of the second division office and stretched, "Ahhh, done for the day..", she murmured, smiling towards the sky, "Think I'll take a walk...". She didn't normally walk around Seireitei since not many knew her and she didn't want to attract unwanted attention. But today was such a beautiful day, it was hard to pass up going for a walk. She stared at the sky as she walked, getting completely lost in the blue abyss until she bumped into someone. "Oh, sorry!", she quickly apologized.

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