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    Moderator Rules Empty Moderator Rules

    Post  Allen_Walker on Mon Aug 03, 2009 7:20 pm

    Squad Status:

    Each moderator has a simple job to do when they take over a squad. Their jobs are to approve or disapprove a member's character who applies for that squad. For example say if a random member wants their character to join the 2nd squad. Only the moderator controlling that squad can approve or deny that profile. These titles are only status related for mods to approve or deny profiles that apply in their squads.

    1st: Allen_Walker
    2nd: Vacant
    3rd: Kofa-Chan
    4th: Vacant
    5th: KingHyuuga
    6th: Vacant
    7th: Phorsakyned
    8th: Vacant
    9th: Vacant
    10th: Animeluvr7
    11th: Kaiyo
    12th: Vacant
    13th: Vacant

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