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    Azuka Ishida Matsumori - Flash princess


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    Azuka Ishida Matsumori  - Flash princess Empty Azuka Ishida Matsumori - Flash princess

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    Name: Azuka Ishida Matsumori
    Age: 1052
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5' 7"
    Weight: 132
    Hair/eyes: Black hair, Green eyes
    Alignment: Good
    Division: 2nd
    Position: Vice captain

    Azuka Ishida Matsumori  - Flash princess 3338345519_ce0a1f2c03This is her, just add the shinigami robes.

    Personality: She is dedicated to protecting souls from hollows, but has become known as a rather slippery and yet forward person. She hates to be looked down upon, and feels that those who do should suffer the same indignity. She is actually quite polite and would rather use words mmost of the time, though most of the time she has to resist the impulse to follow her words with action. If she likes you she'll cut you slack, if she dislikes you she'll make you work harder. This factors in to the fact she acts like she still acts like a princess in some regards, something that tends to irk most nobles is that she has the pride and stubborness that rivals theirs as well as she won't let them push her around.

    History: Azuka when she lived was both a quincy and imperial princess, though she was trained to fight hollows there was always an ominous air about her. When she was little a seer showed up and warned her that she would suffer a fate worse than death, one that left her scared and worried that she was in danger. Her father ordered the woman executed, in order to ease her fears. Years passed and she turned twelve, her father was busy trying to establish political ties so he could gain more influence. It was in this period when her palaquin was attacked by a hollow, and she had to fight it after it killed the servants and her attendants. She was left wounded by the thing which didn't kill her, she didn't recover for a month and was left changed and another person. More driven to destroy the hollows that showed up her heart had become corrupted, instead of justice she was driven by hatred and revenge. Her once pure soul was now tainted, and this secret was buried by her fathers orders.

    When she was sixteen she had come into her own right, and had been stubbornly refusing to meet suitors. There were few as she was rumored to be cursed by a demon, because it desired her as it's bride. Her irrational and noticable change made this rumor grow, and her father had fallen ill so either she married or assumed his position and gave up fighting hollows. She submitted to marriage, and found a suitable suitor soon, but it was never to be as the seers words would soon come to pass. She had taken interest in a shinigami named Solomon whom she at first had snubbed and completely disregarded over her fiance after several weeks of watching him, and though he was a spirit she watched from afar until she approached him. It was during a battle where her arrows finished off the biggest threat, soon after she was killed by her own out of control power. The power of her arrows was unusually strong and draining, and a hollow finished her off. Before her soul chin could expire, this shinigami prevented her from transforming and she moved on. That night her father died too, and there was a void in the court that her eldest brother could not fill.

    Now she was in Rukongai, and living in a family unit, here she lived and helped out despite her unhappiness at living like a peasent. She felt like she could do better, and for a year she stared at the seretei like she belonged there. Everybody told her that what she remembered she should forget, as she talked about the life she had when she lived. She was never alone, she at least had the people in the place to keep her company. Her words reached seretei, and the word was she had to eat unlike the others. So someone was sent for her, and when they arrived she was truly happy. She could finally escape and become greater, leaving Rukon behind as if it meant nothing she was bound for the life she desired. Her entrance at the academy was not quiet, and she quickly became on par with a noble named Megumi. This led to a rivaly that remained throughout the academy years, she also showed promise with the flash step and most of the combat arts as well. She was still better with a sword than Kidou, and she found herself upon graduation recruited to join the second division. Since then she has worked to master the flash step, and has become known as the flash princess for her proficiency in the move. She was recently promoted to the rank of vice captain, despite how she acts and handles situations that call for grace and tact with an aggressive show of dominance.


    Name: Shadow of the princess (Kage no hime)

    Element(s): Darkness
    Type: Kidou

    Zanpakutou's Appearance: Normal zanpaktou with sky blue grip and solid black blade, the guard looks like a hollow mask.

    Shikai; Kage no hime (Shadow of the princess)
    Release: Envelop, Kage no Hime!
    Effect: This level of ability alters the appearance her clothing to fit imperial regalia that is designed for fighting, as well her zanpaktou takes on the look of a slightly wider and sharper curved blade that has the guard looking now like a hollows jaws open over her hand. The effect of this form is that the blade can release a burst of black and purple energy upon striking, thus blasting it into the wound ot struck area at point blank.

    Release Phrase: Bankai (True Form): Become one Kage no Hime (Does not have yet)
    Effect: This form the air in front of her reflects who she was as the image and her merge and the imperial regalia becomes more ceremonial but still battle effective, this is the first stage of a three stage bankai. The zanpaktou remains as it was in shikai, except that it now releases an explosion of energy that covers a wider area than the burst in shikai form. She is also like she was when she lived, in both action and word. The danger with this is that she falls unconcious when it ends, so it is only ever used as a last resort.

    Stage two: Enter the dark court Kage no Hime...
    Effect: This creates her own battle ground that resembles the imperial courts execution grounds, in this place she can attack from any angle while her opponent is limited to staying on the ground. This is intended for the perfect shunpo battle area, and she can control the shadows here using them to move around and appear suddenly from nowhere.

    Stage 3: Swallow the sun Kage no Hime...
    Effect: This causes the field to collapse inward and then explode outward, with the opponent in the center and the only one damaged. The shockwave it causes damages nearby buildings and structures, and merely blows back anything else. After this she collapses unconcious in her normal state, and is left vulnerable as it sucks out almost all of her energy and leaves her with just enough to survive.
    Azuka Ishida Matsumori  - Flash princess 3338345519_ce0a1f2c03Azuka Ishida Matsumori  - Flash princess 3338345519_ce0a1f2c03

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