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    Jin Fuuma[My Arrancar]


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    Jin Fuuma[My Arrancar] Empty Jin Fuuma[My Arrancar]

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    Jin Fuuma[My Arrancar] Bleach_OC2_Redeux__lineart__by_Shawnzy
    xGeneral Informationx

    Name: Jin Fuuma
    Nickname: Beta, or Jin
    Alias: Music Knight
    Age: Unkown looks 18-20
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Neutral
    Race: Arrancar
    Height: 6 feet tall
    Weight: 175
    Eye Color: Gray
    Hair Color: Black
    Skin Color: Tan
    Outfit: The regular Arrancar outfit but it seems to be a hoody.
    Other: Music signs on the back of his neck, Beta tatoted on his risk.

    Hollow Moves:

    Cero: His Cero is White, with black streaks seen within it. After it's done, a nice white dust is seen.
    Bala: His Bala color is black and it's the same speed as any other, just a bit stronger.
    Gran Sonido Ráfaga[Great Sound Burst]: Jin is so skilled in Sonido that his is different from everyone else. Jin trained years for this move. Jin focuse a great arua of spirit energy around him and using his sound abilites virbrate his body at a fast rate. When he moves to do his Sonido he leaves an after-image in his place. If Jin focus lonnger on the move then he can make more after-images everytime he move to do this tech. It takes away more spirit energy then a regular Sonido all because of how Jin Does it. 2SP
    Gran Rey Cero: This Cero is a stronger verison of his original one.

    Special Moves:

    -Sonido Explosión: As a hollow he had a great power to always use sound in his way, to claim the souls of many and kill many Shinigami's. He can use any sound to power up a move of his or to make a powerful sonicwave.


    Zanpakuto Name: Muerte Nota
    Zanpakuto Meaning: Death Note
    Zanpakuto Element: Sound
    Zanpakuto Resurrection Line: "Sing........Muerte Nota!"
    Zanpakuto Sealed: Jin "sealed" Zanpakuto is a guitar.
    Zanpakuto Description: Jin Zanpakuto is a guitar. the guitar can be swung like a melee type weapon, the left side is a sharp werid shape blade and the right side has three large spikes coming out. The spikes can be used to lock an opponent's Zanpakuto. Muerte Nota also has a second, very deadly ability. The long spike protruding from the bottom can be stuck into a solid object, such as a building or simply the ground. Once this is done, the instrument can be played similar to a stand up Bass. When played like this it resonates and vibrates sound waves into the ground or whatever it is stuck into. By producing sonic waves into the ground, it is capable of crumbling buildings and earth, simulating earhquakes, and is even capable of causing large pieces of earth to rise out of the ground. When using the guitar to fight it's can be use like an axe.
    Zanpakuto Resurrection Form: Jin Resurrection form changes drastically from the previous release. It takes the form of black bone armor that covers his entire body as well as a very long elegant blade. The armor has no particularly use outside of protection from reiatsu, physical damage, and his own attacks. The sword is the focus of his true Resurrection.
    The sword is a very dangerous and lethal weapon, it is a sound zanpakutou, and in this form it specialises in Sonic attacks and vibrations. The blade itself is capable of resonating at various frequencies. When it resonates the blade almost appears invisible, when in fact it is vibrating. This allows him to make many different attacks. With this blade he is also able to make any number of different types of sonic attacks. A swing of the sword can fire a supersonic shockwave that can pass through any matter and inflict internal damage to any person caught in the way. So even if blocked the attack will penetrate any substance. These attacks are not able to pass through vacuums though. With a thrust of his sword he is able to fire a sonic vortex ring which knocks back or destroys physical objects in its path. Jin don't go to much into this form he thinks it's to powerful and if used in rage and not right will kill his master and him destroying everything near him.
    Zanpakuto Attacks:
    - Sonic Blow Number 1: Jin will stab the blade into the ground, and cause it to resonates, sound will escape from the blade and as it resonates. The ground will start to crack, little earthquakes will happen making the opponent loss their blance. This can also be stab within a large building making the building fall down to the ground.
    - Sonic Blow Number 2: Jin will resonates the blade and do a slash a soundwave would be emited as it rush towards teh oppnent. The thing on how the opponent can find out about this attack is the small gust of wind behind the wave, If the opponent can see a small vortex of wind going in a strait path then they can dodge.
    - Sonic Blow Sonido: Jin will performs a Sonido, instead of simply moving almost instantaneously, he also creates a cavitation where he was before. This void rapidly collapses and creates a shockwave similar to strength and audible sound of a Sonic boom, capable of stunning or deafening those caught near it. This will stun the opponent for 2 post.
    - Invisible Blade: Jin will let the blade resonate making it invisible. 2SP per post to keep it up.
    - Sound of Silence: Jin will hold his sword out as musical runes glow down the length of the blade. 2 full post for the runes to reach the tip of the sword. This prepares the blade for a very lethal attack. This means before the 2nd post the opponent must find a spot and clot their ears. The next swing of the sword releases a devastating sonic wave that widens in a cone outward like all his other attacks. This sonic wave is different than his other attacks however, this one's frequency is much higher. Also to know that this move is being done, after the runes is done, Jin will move differently and then do a slash, if the opponent is good at sensing spirit presure then they will be able to move a bit out the way. The full way of moving out of this attack is to get to 52 meters away since the wave stops at 50 meters. And those hit by this wave will instantly begin to suffer a cerebral hemorrhage that will usually kill them unless immediately treated, in which case it may still cause long term damages, such as paralysis. This attack can be used only once every 24 hours. This is a one shot type of move for trying it again will seal Jin back to his regular state.
    -Resonance Sphere: This ability causes the armor and blade to resonate and project a sonic sphere around the user. The person appears blurry and the image of them falters. The very earth beneath them cumbles and sinks down. Buildings around them crack and collapse, and the sonic waves being emitted can even liquify living tissue. During this state though, the user is practically immobile, only able to move very slowly. This state is very painful and draining and is only used as an extreme last ditch due to its unstable nature, it could easily kill the user in a dangerous implosion. It's range is fifty meters.
    - Blade Rampage: Jin will jump in the air and slam his blade into the ground, as the blade resonate. a huge crater of earth is left, small sound charges are sent in the ground, as cracks are made the sounds will escape the cracks and move outwards, the opponent is hit they will loss blance and feel a bit drunking as for moving. Their vision will get blurry this last for 2 post making it hard for them to fight. That's all with the soundwaves in this attack is being emited nothing deadly.

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