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    11th Division Headquarters


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    11th Division Headquarters Empty 11th Division Headquarters

    Post  kaiyo on Tue Aug 04, 2009 12:44 am

    Kaiyo wandered slowly through Sereitei, her red headband whipping along behind her, the girl was tapping the hilt of her Zanpaktou as she went, a large smile growing on her face as she got closer and closer to her destination. The small blonde girl had woken up extra early this morning, starting her usual morning run earlier as she got ready. Her first day as the 11th Squad Captain was going to be fun, Kaiyo had just finished the academy and had been requested specially for the 11th division. The sun sprwaled down onto her Captains Haori as Kaiyo turned the corner slowly.

    The small girl let out a sigh of pride, staring motionless at the 11th Division headquarters for a moment. With only the faint sound of the birds singing happly Kaiyo took her first step into the division quarters. 'Mornin all' she smiled politely as she lunged forwards the main door, her uniform blowing gently in the air as she small blonde girl threw a casual salute to her new squad.

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