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    Post  Mini on Thu Aug 06, 2009 1:20 am

    ((Bare with me, cuz I don't know anything about anything about Bleach. x.x And I'm not done with this. Probably gonna work at it more later. ^_^''))

    Name: Michiru Ishikawa
    Age: Appears to be in her late teens or early 20s, but is somewhere close to 170.
    Height/Weight: 5'8'' / about 130 lbs.
    Race: Shinigami
    Hair/Eye Color: Aquamarine hair which is slightly wavy. It falls down to about an inch below her shoulders. Her eyes are a dazzling and rather enchanting shade of ever-changing hues of blue.
    Personality: Michiru is a very calm and pleasant person to be around. She's not one to joke around, but she knows how to enjoy a good time and can often find humor in the most random and bizarre of situations - however, one would never guess that she was this sort of person from just looking at her. She is often quiet and keeps to herself and is rather soft-spoken. People often compare her beauty to a rose, but like all roses, she has her thorns. Michiru is not afraid to stand up for her beliefs and go against all odds to achieve her goals.
    History: Michiru was born in the Seireitei district and raised by an older cousin due to conflicts that arose in her family when she was a young girl. As such, she's not much of a family-oriented person. She made top honors throughout school and achieved incredible marks on all of her exams. It's no wonder she was welcomed into the academy. She was recently promoted to the rank of Lieutenant of the 7th Division.
    Division: 7
    Seat: Lieutenant

    Zanpaktou: Giant Hammer
    Name: Miyabita no Mizu (meaning Graceful Water)
    Type: Melee/Kidou
    Element: Water
    Appearance: In its sealed form, it appears as a silver brooch/locket with the kanji for water engraved on its front. Around the outside are small turquoise gems that give it a fashionable appearance. Michiru wears pinned on her uniform.
    Release Phrase: "The time for talking is over! Miyabita no Mizu, it's time to bash some sense into our enemies!"

    Shikai: When released, Miyabita no Mizu takes on the form of a rather large, double-sided, two-hand hammer. The "handle" is roughly 5 feet long in length and made from pure silver with a core of steel. The very end of the shaft ends in a point - in desperate situations, the end of the hammer can easily be used as a dagger. At the very least, it can easily be stabbed into something (or someone). The head of the hammer is roughly a foot round in diameter and is made from a mix of silver, steel, and zirconium. The mallet shimmers back and forth from a dark gray to a pale blue color, depending on Miyabita's mood.
    Asides from just knocking things senseless with the hammer itself, the Miyabita no Mizu has several special moves. ((I'll name them later.)) Attack 1 - Michiru strikes the ground with the head of the hammer, causing the ground to quake and a geysur of water to explode anywhere from 5-10 feet in front of her. The strength of the erruption often depends on Michiru's stamina and Miyabita's mood. Attack 2 - By waving her hammer over her head, Michiru can cause large floating bubbles of water to condense. She can then hit these giant waterbombs with her hammer and send them flying into her opponents at ridiculous speeds. The waterbombs burst on impact. The biggest she can make them in the Shikai stage is about a foot in diameter.

    Bankai: The hammer grows longer, larger, heavier, and more lethal. The mallet is now made from a mix of diamond and zirconion, and the top part of the hammer becomes covered in an arc of silver spikes 8 inches long. The mallet becomes nearly 4 feet in diamater, and the shaft is roughly 8 feet long. Her special attacks become stronger, more powerful, and she gains a larger range with Attack 1. The waterbombs from Attack 2 can also now be formed up to 5 feet in diameter. The fastest she's ever hit a 5 foot large waterbomb in this form was supposedly measured to be over 300 MPH. She also gains a new attack. Special Attack - By swinging her hammer in front of her in an arc-like swing, she can cause mini-tsunamis to surge up from nothing at all and slam into her opponents. By striking the surface of a body of water, she can also cause rip currents to keep a Hollow or an enemy underwater for an extended period of time if they are knocked into the water. She can also "part" bodies of water if need be.
    *If there is water in the area, her attacks all become much stronger.*

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