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    Name: Hoshimaru Matsumori Ishida
    Age: 16
    Hair/Eye Color:Blue(orginally black),Dark brown
    Personality:icy, cool, heartless, at the same time happy, cheerful, no sense of direction
    History:Hoshimaru was born to Quincies, when he was four his entire family was killed by hollows but him and his sister. He was adopted by a strict family, who train and teach their children the way of the ninja. At age 10 he was sent back and adopted by Ryuken Ishida and he became Uryuu little brother. Over the years hoshimaru honed his skill as both a ninja and a Quincy. He grew jealous of Uryuu and always challenged him. One day they decided to race to school, hoshimaru ran into the streets and before he could get out of the way, he was hit by a car. On the way to the hospital he died. upon arrival at the soul society, he was allowed to retain his memories and being that he was once a Quincy he has a hugh amount of reitsu. He was sent to Rukongai district 79, two years later he joined the academy and graduated a year after Kaien Shiba. Starting off in the 7th Divison, he developed a friendship with Captain Saijin Komamura and Lieutenant Tetsuzaemon Iba. After two years he was transferred to the 9th divison and stayed with squad 9 til this very day. With Shuhei as his new captain things will become more challenging to him. Even though him and Shuhei are friends. Now, he has decided to join squad 2 as their third seat and Corps commander of the Detention Unit

    Name:Shinsei Hono'o [Holy(Sacred)Flame]
    Appearance:A standard katana with a red hilt, yellowish white sheath,a pentacle shaped guard, and his former quincy cross tied to the hilt
    Release Phrase: Merge!

    Shikai: Fire emerges from Shinsei Hono'o and forms Phoenix wings on his back, while Shinsei Hono'o itself converts from a sword to a bow( and vice versa)

    Seishinya - Spirit Arrow: Creates arrows made from spirit particles. It causes the enemy to see what ever illusion the attacker wants them to see ( the effects last 10mins.)

    Jigokurasen - Hell Spiral: Creates a spiral of flames, it immobilizes the enemy while the flames does physical damage. Those hit by the attack and their eyes are closed, blind, and/or squinted aren't effected due to it being an illusion but to those who have their eyes open when hit its very real( lasts only 5mins)

    Bankai:Shinsei Hono'o Housenka [Holy Flame Phoenix Flower]
    Abilities: Hoshimaru gains a red and white outfit similar to the quincies final form, with a red lotus flower on the the back and the blade then takes the form of a white scythe with a red long blade and a white phoenix imprinted on the blade.

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